Week #3

This is absolutely crazy! The distractions will not stop coming. The majority of it is my old blue print that will not give up. I work with hard core drug addicts and alcoholics day in and day out. And I am finding out Im as addicted to my old blue print as they are to their drug of chose! The amazing thing is I see it today. And Im getting better and better daily.

My AH-HA moment happened yesterday when I went to lunch appointment with one of the parents of a man that just came off the streets  a month ago and he is making huge strides in his recovery. As I sat down he had said I need to talk to you about but I need you to keep it between just you and I. And I agreed, Thinking he was going to share something very personal. So I lend forward in anticipation waiting for him to dump his heart out. Then Here it came. Corky I would like to start a foundation for you and help you on your journey to help many more people like my son like property and housing and I have the support of other business people here in the community. My jaw wanted to drop into my plate of food. (GS- serve others so much that they will want to serve you) WOW. In my DMP “On the ranch we have a one year Christian based recovery program where people come and live and work on their recovery. AMAZING

I love my new habits  CORKY


Week #2

This week was filled with so much distraction. My week was so filled with helping others that I dropped the ball and lost focus. Now is the time to get caught up! I was just floundering. So I text Jason (my guide) and we talked on the phone for a while. Thank You Jason!!! You are amazing!!

Back on track!  CORKY

Week #1

This has been an amazing week! After the first webinar I was thinking how in the world am I going to get this done? All this writing, by the way I fought writing all my life. Ding! Old blue print that as not served me. I found other things that were more important to do. Ding! procrastination Old blue print that has totally held me back from any success. Wow and taking the time to read something 3 times a day and it was the same stuff over and over. REALLY??  My old blueprint was just SCREAMING as loud as a child wanting its own way.

Ok, My little rant is over now after a few days in to this, the screaming has slowed down some but it shows up periodically. What I have noticed is it’s not as loud and It does not have as much control over me. Im seeing that I do have a choice in the way things turn out and Im in more control then I thought.

I have added something that helps me. Everyday I get my writing and reading done I get to mark an X on the calendar for that day and it forms a chain. If do not do my stuff it breaks the chain and I Will not let that happen.

I just sent in my DMP yesterday and Looking forward the meeting my guide! Just a warning your going to have your hands full. LOL

Thanks until next week. Blessings CORKY